This site, maintained by the William H. Hannon Library, supports, links to, and hosts LMU DH scholarship. All LMU faculty, students, and staff are welcome to participate.

What is Digital Humanities?: Digital Humanities (DH) is a humanities centric form of digital scholarship that involves using digital tools and methods to analyze, synthesize, present, and teach humanities scholarship. It may involve the use of digital methods of inquiry, e.g. data analysis and data visualization, and it may involve the use of digital mediums to present scholarship, e.g. digital exhibits or scholarly websites. DH projects can range considerably in scope from the creation of a simple digital timeline to the building of a large-scale database.┬áThere is a lot of debate over what DH is and isn’t. This deffiniton and description keeps it simple and tries to make it clear that there is no one way or right way to do DH work.

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