The Digital Eighteenth Century

The Digital Eighteenth Century is an ongoing collaboration between the English Department, William Hannon Library, and students at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). Its goal is to use digital tools and platforms to help students of the eighteenth century immerse themselves in the literature and culture of the period.

The content on this site is generated by LMU undergraduate and graduate students. The site actively explores the way online tools and platforms can help students imagine the world of the eighteenth century and, in turn, share what they have learned with curious members of the public.


British Literature 1660-1800 fall 2014 student project “Introduction to Digital Humanities”


Tumblr Essays

Pastoralism Revisited

Pastoralism Revitalized

Returning To Pastoralism

Returning to Pastoralism

Scrolling Through Pastoralism

Scrolling Through Pastoralism




Anna Barbauld Timemap

Annotated Poems

Lit Genius

“Michael” by William Wordsworth

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